Design of Sarta high school

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Shakhshir, Esam
Albouzia, Hosam
Qzieh, Sundus
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This graduation project is a school .The main reason for choosing a school because it is the most important institutions in our community and its presence in each region is keen to be evaluated so we will work on it to be a coefficient building and Eco-friendly building. This school is SARTA Secondary Boys School, it set in the village of SARTA in Salfit district, 20 km away, and there are three schools and two kindergartens in this village. The aim of the project is to evaluate the current school and its location in the village and analyze the school thoroughly, including analysis of the site and the Architecture, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and environmental designs; which must be followed by the specifications of ministry of education and higher education in order to provide the comfortable zones in this integrated academic building. The approach adopted in this research is based on the environmental analysis of the school, which makes us to change in the architectural form without violating the specifications. Moreover, It is based on the analysis of the external effects of the school (environmental segment) which includes lighting, shadows, acoustics and solar radiation, which we will explain in details in this project based on environmental programs such as Revit, Dialux and design builder.