PCB milling

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Ahmed Amarneh
Mohammad Odeh
Nasr Mohammed
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     Our project is type of CNC miller that mil printed board circuit in order to install the electronic chips in there places. This PCB miller is divided into two parts ,      Part one :- hard ware  i.e the body of the machine that contain stepper motors moves the miller in (x-y) -axis movement in order to reach the point that will be milled by the miller which represent the z-axis  , and there is another hardware part which we called it malty loading  arm , this part is a box contains the PCB 's and there a mechanical arm pushes one board each time to put it in its specific place , so in this way we can perform many PCB's .     The other part is the software which control the micro controller and give it the proper  orders to perform them , and it will give the controller the matrix of x-y  dimension of the holes , then the controller will move the stepper motor  to perform the orders.       And we will put some accessories to the project such LCD some warning lights or voice, with a beautiful interface and the important is easy to use by any person with littlie help