Developing of Geotechnical Map for Tulkarm City

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Mahmoud Awad
Ahmed shawahni
Abed El Rahman Omar
Hadeel Aqqad
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Tulkarm district is located in the north western part of the West Bank. It is bounded by the Jenin and Nablus districts in the north, west and south. Importance of the project A geologic map is the principal tool that geologists use to convey information about the structure and stratigraphy of the earths surface; the location and type of geologic hazards such as landslides and faults; and the location and type of soils, etc . Geotechnical map is useful for any one needs information about the soil at any point within the study area map (Tulkarm map) and it is available at any time, this will save time, money, and efforts. Methodology: Data collection: in this stage soil tests and information were collected about predetermined and will distributed points on study area as showing in the next questionnaire. Data sorting and spatial joining: in this stage the collected data were sorted and connected to the locations on which the soil test was performed using excel, AutoCAD and Arc GIS 10.1. Data analysis and maps production using Arc GIS:In this stage we analyze the data using Arc GIS 10.1 tools, the analysis was performed using two tools: 1- IDW tool: Inverse distance weighted (IDW) interpolation determines cell values using a linearly weighted combination of a set of sample points. The weight is a function of inverse distance. 2- Create thiessen polygon:  Thiessen polygons are polygons whose boundaries define the area that is closest to each point relative to all other points.