Electricity Generation Using Speed Breakers

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Ahmad Beshara
Bilal Hawawra
Kareem Ahmad
Renad Daqqa
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 Abstract: Our project is electricity generation using speed breaker.        The idea of our project came from multiple reasons as the leakage of electricity resources in Palestine and in other countries in the world, the dominance of Israel on the energy resources and the high costs of electricity generation and supplying .also, we took in consideration the environmental effect, this project is environmentally friendly, it doesnt produce any pollutants that harms the environment.       The speed breaker is generating electricity depending mainly on cars weight, it consists of a gear(rack) that is welded with the upper steel plate, this gear is in contact with the gear that is also in contact with the pinion placed on the DC-generator.        As the car passes over the speed breaker, the upper steel plate moves down and the rack moves as well, this rack converts the transitional motion of the moving plate into rotational motion in the gear, which rotates the pinion placed on the DC-generator. When the load is removed (the car weight), the springs return the plate to its original position. As a result, the gears and the generator move in opposite direction.          The DC-generator is connected to UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to store this energy to use later.        This project is cheap and sufficient way to produce electricity as theres a huge number of cars that will pass over, and for every car passes on the speed breaker, the generator could generate up to 72 watt.             The main goals of our project:1.       To provide an environmental friendly power source.2.      Reducing  the costs of electricity .3.      Producing a big amount of energy and storing it to use later when the electricity shut down.4.      To make cheap and easy maintainable power source.