Level of Job Satisfaction and its Relation with Administrative Creativity of the Academic Staff Working in Faculties and Departments Physical Education in Yemen

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Radhwan Mohammed
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This study aimed at identifying the level of jobSatisfaction and the administrative creativity of academic staff working in various Facilities of physical education and departments in Yemen. Besides, it identifies the relationship between job satisfaction and administrative creativity. The researcher used the descriptive methodology. The questionnaire was divided into to parts; the first measures job satisfactions while the other measures administrative creativity. The overall population of this study was composed of (41) of the teachers working in various Sports Facilities and departments in Yemeni Universities. The resulting data of this study was statistically analyzed using means, Pearson correlation coefficient, and percentage. The results showed a correlation level of job satisfaction. Consequently, the resulting fields were classified from colleagues relationship and training to salary and incentives. It also showed that teachers own a great deal of administrative creativity. Besides, there is a positively direct relation between job satisfaction and administrative creativity. The study recommends encouraging their administrative creativity by achieving their job satisfaction.