Palestine Marine International Harbor ( The port of future ) (PALMIH)

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Bader, Ja’far
Zagha, Hatem
Bahbouh, Yazan
marshod, Ahmad
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The marine harbor project is a coastal structure that contains many several facilities like ports, warehouses, roads and railways, and others. These facilities provide commercial services for export and import of goods , industrial ,and tourism services . Palestine has an important location between Asia , Europe and Africa . The new port, strategically located at the Mediterranean sea costal area of Palestine , we will choose the best location in the costal referencing many scientific and geometry factors. The new port will be a world-class facility, a leader in state-of-the-art technologies and a vital component of Palestine‟s economic infrastructure. Our new “Greenfield” port development project is a future port. The design of project consists : 1) Bridge : it will be designed to reach the artificial Island (the port) form the coast . 2) Break water wall : it will be designed to protect the port from water waves 3) The port yard and the entry slot will be designed which will be used for managing loading and offloading the ships which will be filled by a driven sand (dredging) . As a major gateway to Palestine , and a significant investment in the country's future , the New Port will serve the expanding trade needs of Palestine , port have an area about 28 km2 and about 16 km2 of artificial island. After studies the costal line , we choose the location of the port island in Atlit southern Haifa city. Major components of the New Port Project include : 1. Port in the artificial island: creating multiple phases, the New Port will be an area about 16 km2 but also accommodate: •General cargo traffic. •Vehicle imports. •Livestock imports. •Bulk grain imports. •Offshore support vessels. •Coast guard vessels. •A marine support unit. 2. Bridge between the costal and the port island with a length about 4 km , 3. Break water wall with a length about 9km . 4. Rail way bridge to Haifa 5. Residual area . 6. Tourism area .