Diagnostic Study of water supply in Qalqilya

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Alaa Saber Odeh
Mai Omar Iskander
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Our project is a diagnostic study of the existing water supply system of Qalqilya city. This project is important because it will provide Qalqilya Municipality with information about the current status of the water network. These information will study the problems in the water system and will provide means to improve it in the future. Project problem This project tend to study the problems in the existing network in Qalqilya city. From studying the network we find that the main problem is the large amount of an un-accounted for, and there are some problems related to water quality, leakage in the network, and there is some problems related to the dimensions of the existing network and if it need some expansion or not. Project Objectives 1- Diagnostic study of the existing water supply system for Al-Muntaza Zone.  2- Assessment the network components and identify the main problems.  3- State measure to improve the network and solve the problems.   Methodology To achieve the project objectives, the following is applied: 1-    A questionnaire will be applied to a sample of households and institution. 2-    The data collected and the results of the questionnaire will be analyzed and presented in a manner that will enable the use of these data in the study. 3-    Assess the existing situation of the water network and all the figures and tables got from Qalqilya Municipality.  4-    Apply Water Cad program to model and analyze the network water. 5-    Use the output of the model of Water Cad and state recommendation in order to improve the network. 6-    Use the pipe locator to determine the leakage in the network. 7-    Draw the new expansion in the network by using WATERCAD and design the network for 15years.