Energy Efficiency Opportunities at Al-Amour steel tubes and profiles industry

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Sakhel, Ghassan
Mohsen, Hamza
Ishtewe, Yousef
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The high-energy bills and fuel requirements have always been a major concern for every organization. Demand on energy is continuously increasing while resources are limited. In order to overcome this problem energy management has to be applied. This report is an energy audit at Al-Amour steel tubes and profiles factory, Bedya, Palestine, which has a good potential for energy efficiency practices. The report aims to obtain an overview of the existing energy consumption and analyze energy efficiency opportunities to minimize energy bill by reducing consumption and maximize efficiency of the production lines. The factory has two main production lines, which mainly consist of electric motor, compressed air system high frequency welding and lighting system, the audit was conducted through various steps. First of all is visiting the factory to find out the used equipment and takes an overview of the production lines, through meeting the manager, engineers and employees, after that the main reading of the electric motor and lighting system were taken and tabulated, to analyze the energy performance and energy conservation opportunities. It was found that the annual energy consumption was 353,162 kWh/year. Where electric motors consume 48%, HF welding 45%, compressor 6.5% and the lighting less than 0.5% of the total consumption. The main energy conservation opportunities were to replace some of the existing motors with high efficient motors and to fix the leakage on the pipeline of the compressed air system. The total estimated saving was about 7.85% of the total consumption.