Events Planner And Tracker

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Hbishe, Dalia
Khdair, Sajeda
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Events website to gather all services to manage users’ events, user can sign up to have an account as an admin / client. As a client, user can plan his event through website, he can reserve from project’s available services. First of all, user has to choose the datetime and check the hall’s availability at this time. After he specified the time and place, he can reserve the rest of services at the same time (flowers/ DJ/ dresses/ photography). As an admin, user can sign up to add his own business & services to the website. Main Features: Client can view and reserve services and items from the website. Admin can add services & items to his shop, also he can upload photos and specify prices. Admin receives reservation requests from client, he can approve / deny the request. Notification will be sent to client if his request is approved / denied. Payment reminder email will be sent to client a week before the event. Website supports online payment using credit cards. Technologies: React js, Html, Css, Bootstrap, MySQL database, PHP server.