Factors Affecting Buyers' Trust in Electronic Commerce in Palestine

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Abdullah, Rania Ahmad
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An-Najah National University
Electronic commerce is relatively a new concept in developing countries like Palestine. This paper aims to determine the potential factors affecting buyers' trust in e-commerce through conducting a quantitative approach research. Five potential factors were considered including website design attitudes, reliability fulfillment, security and privacy attitudes, customer satisfaction fulfillment and perception of governmental factors. The study population was the Palestinian employees in public and private sector. Data was collected through paper and electronic forms of the research questionnaire, 358 questionnaire were valid for analysis. The findings revealed that security/privacy attitudes, customer satisfaction fulfillment, and perception of governmental factors had significant influence on trusting e-commerce. A main regression model was built as well as three regression models for trust' sub factors integrity, benevolence and ability. These findings are useful for practitioners who plan to enter the e-commerce environment, and researchers interested in trust in e-commerce as well. Some recommendations were suggested to the official authorities, as well as to the owners of electronic shops or those who maintain them, thus increasing the level of trust among buyers in Palestine.