Prediction of Pressure ulcer using Braden scale in ICU and CCU patient in Nablus city

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Reham abu younis
Haya abu raya
Mohamad abu awad
Walaa abu younis
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Introduction: Pressure ulcers occur frequently in hospitalized, community-dwelling and nursing home older adults, and are serious problems that can lead to sepsis or death. Prevalence rates for PUs are 11.9% in acute care, 29.3% in long term acute care, 11.8% in long term care, and 19.0% in rehabilitation. A key to prevention is early detection of a patient’s risk factors which includes using a valid and reliable PU risk assessment tool and timely implementation of prevention interventions (Russo & Elixhauser, 2006). Objectives: The main objective of the study is to determine the role of the study variables of gender, age, and hospitalization day. Method: the study adopted a cross sectional design based on Braden scale, the study was conducted on a convenience sample of (31) patents in ICU. Result: the study results indicate that pressure ulcer was very high risk among 83.3% of the study sample. There was a significant association between the developing pressure ulcer and age and gender, while hospitalization was not statically associated. Conclusion: the study concludes that pressure ulcer is a serious problem especially for old people and woman in general.
Pressure Ulcer, incidence, prevention, nurse