I An-Najah National University Faculty of Engineering Energy and Environmental Engineering Department Techno-economic assessment of on-grid solar PV system in Palestine: A case study in Jerusalem

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Jehan Ahmad
Layan Azayem
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Palestine has witnessed a great spread in the adaptation of photovoltaic power systems, as it has become an alternative source of energy provider for various applications, due to the low prices of photovoltaic energy. The Palestinian territories are supplied with electricity from neighboring countries, which increases and burdens the Palestinian economy in terms of security in particular. This project presents a 12-month economic and technical evaluation for the year 2021 for an already existing photovoltaic system project located on the rooftop of the Siniora factory building for food products in Jerusalem, connected to the grid with a capacity of 117 KW. The evaluation was carried out by comparing the technical and economic results of the simulated data through the PVsyst program with the real data acquired from the system real outputs, the performance ratio and the present value of the simulated photovoltaic system were 82% and $133,904, respectively, in contrast. The real data was 62% and $111,614 respectively. The main reason for the clear difference between the data is the losses that the PVsyst program does not take precisely because it works on the standard conditions, in contrast to the real data, which takes into account all conditions, including temperatures, solar radiation, and others.