The Effect of Parching Sports Activities an the Character Features of the Young

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Ramzy Jaber
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The current study aims to identify the effect of parching sports Activities an the character features of the young. The experimental design was used, and to achieve that the study was carried on a sample of 14 youth. Freiberg list was applied to measure the personality characteristics. The study results shoved the following: - The suggested physical activities program has no effect on the statements of each dimension of the questionnaire dimensions that used in this study (nervousness, Aggression, depression, redness for stimulation, sociability, calmness). - The suggested program has an effect that are statistically significant on the dimension as a whole and to all dimensions of the questionnaire. The study recommended the application of the suggested program which has on effect on the personality diminishing statements of the deviant children behavior. Added to that it is necessary to establish, support, direct, and reinforce the physical a activities programs in side institutions that focus on various and different sports.