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This is my graduation project in An-Najah National University. It is located in the western region of Nablus. Many universities and schools.... assemble in this areas. Therefore the proportion of young people is good and constructing new community centers which supply for young people's demands like learning, entertainments, developing skills ... become necessary. It is a social entertainment center serving youth aged 15-30 years. Relying on the needs and desires of the youth in Palestine, this building was designed with various functional spaces like spaces for organizing events ( exhibitions, advertisements...);Auditorium for performances and seminars, areas for co-working and individual work, for many classes on personal skills to meet the huge demands of the youth and recreational spaces. In addition, areas for community activities in the open air and an outdoor playground The goal is to create an environment that stimulates youth creativity and the tendency to direct contact between young people and to promote the language of dialogue by encouraging informal meetings between young people, where a series of activities platforms linked to each other and interacting with young people The project consists of three main functional blocks that are linked together which gives a clear definition to the court. Users are naturally directed towards the central courtyard and are designed as spacious and bright allowing a variety of activities and a rich area for learning, playing and relaxing. An open building that interacts with its natural surroundings is designed to create a dynamic space that creates opportunities for interaction with the landscape and the surrounding area, providing a large amount of natural light and linking the building itself to the site and related levels, symbolizing its role as a link for exchange and accessible to young people of all levels. With its modern architectural language and strong shape, the Youth Activity Center expresses the ambition of young people and the aspiration to rise without interruption