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Kristina, Darawshe
Silena, Hassounah
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Our kids spend a lot of time using smart phones application and playing games , since it's our duty to take care of them and make sure they are well grown up so we as ,computer engineers, should think of ways to develop application to help them learn new things and enjoy learning using smart phones. Teaching our children new languages would be useful for them , so we , as computer engineers, will develop a game to make it easy , attractive and entertaining for our kids to learn languages and have fun while playing the game . We choose Hebraw to teach it to kids in our game due to it’s importance ,in the future we can develop the game to contain multiple languages. Our 3D game consists of many levels that helps kids to learn letters, numbers , words, sentences. The first level will teach the kids the letters and the numbers by hearing them. After that, we will develop a test level to test the kids if they understand it. Then, at level 2 we will make it easier to learn simple words and names of things. After that, we will develop a testing game that is entertaining to our children to test their knowledge from the second level. At the end, we will develop a several levels to teach kids simple conversation and after teaching level we will develop a testing level as an entertaining game to test them. Our game will be available on android ,IOS and PC’s.