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Hattab, Nizzar
Abu Zaitoun, Anas
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Automation has always been something that humans seek, making their lives easier and having less things to worry about, thus emerged the concept of Internet of Things (IoT), which -in short- is a system of devices all connected to the internet and are controlled by it. Kmachine is one of those IoT devices. Coffee machines have always been the same, you walk to the kitchen, you press some buttons then hear sounds of water pumping and heating, even though that’s good, but it’s not good enough, in a world where automation is the main focus, we thought that this has to be changed, and thus, Kmachine was invented. Controlled by NXP i.MX7D processor, running the latest version of AndroidThings, equipped with a variety of sensors and life-easing features, Kmachine guarantees a mug of hot coffee right when you need it. Alongside the machine itself, Kmachine has a mobile application written using Flutter, a cross platform development kit to unify the experience for both Android users as well as for those using iPhones, and a database that stores the users and their preferences and their machines, Firebase’s firestore was selected for this task.