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Daraghmeh, Reem
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The project is a complex of three courts: the Conciliation’s Court, the First instance’s Court and the Appeal. Since there is a Magistrate's Court and only a beginning in Nablus, this project was proposed and an appeal was made. Nablus is a large city and needs an appeals court. The location of the project was chosen in the east of Nablus because of the poverty of this area for government buildings and commercial complexes. The construction of such a building will increase the movement of the area and also because of the proximity of the project site from the province. It was adopted in the design of the building on rectangular blocks that give the feeling of strength, control and stability, as well as used glass spaces strongly to express the transparency and clarity of the law and it is visible to all. The building consists of three separate blocks, the main block in the middle and contains the courtrooms, arranged on the first floor of the conciliation and the second is the beginning and finally the appeal, while for the other two blocks they contain the offices of the judges.