Effect of Sleepiness and Fatigue on Nursing Performance among Intensive Care Unit and Coronary Care Unit Nurses inWestBank

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Ammar Khalil
Mohammad Joori
Shoroq Barhoush
Malek Diab
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Introduction:Fatigue and sleeplessness is the major problem that has an effect on nursing performance. Long work hours and less numbers of nurses and the large number of patients this lead to increase the incidence of fatigue and sleeplessness among the nurses. Aim:This study aimed at investigating the effects of fatigue and sleepiness on nursing performance among ICU and CCU nurses in governmental hospitals at west bank Method:Quantitative cross sectional design study was used to achive the aim of the study utilizing a convenience sampling method . A self-administration questionnaire was distributed to 175 nurse's work in ICU and CCU in governmental hospital in West Bank; Rafidia and Al-Watany hospital on Nablus, Palestinian medical complex hospital on Ramallah and Alia governmental hospital on Hebron) Results: The result of study concluded that 79.3% of participants have poor sleep, 50.4% of participants have fatigue, and 41.3% of them have good performance. In addition there is a relation between performance and sleep, and between fatigue and nursing performance. Conclusion:Sleep and fatigue has an effect on nursing performance, In addition the mental­­ performance has major effect on fatigue than physical performance. And there was a negatively relation between fatigue and nursing performance . Also there was a relation between sleep and nursing performance . Recommendation:Help policies to conducting study to investigate other causes affecting sleep and fatigue of nurses, and increasing the number of nurses to ensure care establish scheduling practices and policies for nursing staff.
Sleep , Sleepiness , Fatigue , Nursing Performance , Intensive Care Unit Nurses , Coronary CareUnit Nurses.