Easy To Be a Tourist

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Mahmoud Hamo
Yazan Lubbadeh
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Traveling around the world has become one of the most pleasures. With the huge technological improvement in the last century, people start to hear about beautiful nature views, historical places, fantastic cities and more. But outside, there are an uncountable number of places, you would be happier to visit some places more than others. So, you would better know which place it’s the one for you in advance. To be a tourist and to have an opportunity to travel and discover the world, is such an amazing thing. However, there are many things you need to consider before starting your journey. Usually, tourists travel to new countries where people have different traditions and may speak different languages, this makes the communication between tourists and local people a little bit hard. Also, tourists may get misleading information and start visiting places not their interests, here is where we come in. Our project aims to help tourists choose the right places by providing a description for each place. You hate reading? Don’t worry, our text-to-speech system will read the description for you. This will help you not to lose any view by reading while riding to your places. Also, a translation system will be added to solve the language barrier issue between tourists and local people. In addition to text-to-speech and translator systems, people can login to their accounts, react and comment about a specific place, post their journey experience in their timeline and other people can comment on posts. Moreover, users can share their journey with a live video chat so anybody can join their channel and join them virtually with their journey