Joint planning and resistance to the occupation of the villages of the western countryside in Bethlehem Governorate

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Da'dou', Jenan
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Counter Planning Project, It is an idea that has emerged from the Palestinian case that we experience daily because of the occupation, These include the challenges we face in the marginalized areas (C), Which suffer from injustice that falls on their people in a way that touches their daily lives, These settlements also suffer from other challenges facing them in order to preserve their land and to confront the occupation forces with all their right. And to confront the occupation forces with all their right, as the colonies are spread more in these areas and suffer from the negative effects of the wall affecting their daily lives and even may be forced to leave their homes and abandon them in some areas where the completion of the construction of the wall and became a threat to their lives They live with fear. The project aims to study the western countryside in Bethlehem due to the specificity of its geopolitical situation, the importance of this area at the governorate from the agricultural point of view and the national from tourism point of view. As for the other side, this area is seen as part of the so-called "State of Israel" through the so-called Greater Jerusalem Plan, which aims to annex the Jerusalem envelope area, which includes the western countryside to the Green Line. The aim of the research is to create solutions for the difficult geopolitical situation. The main focus of the idea is to create a continuous geographical environment between the communities and to create a complementarity between them so as to strengthen them as one block and to create stable jobs in the region and create a permanent movement in the ocean.