Municipality Of Tulkarm

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Yahya, Walaa
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• Name : Municipality Building • Location : Tulkarm – Palestine • Building's Area : 5785 m2 • Site's Area : 11000 m2 • Designer : Walaa A. Yahya • Project Year : 2018 • Floors' Number : 7 + Basement • Project Departments : - Basement : Parking + Mechanical Rooms - Ground Floor : Public services , fees collection , Auditoriums , Multi-Purpose Halls . - 1st Floor : - First floor: Electricity Department, Public Relations, Administration - Second Floor: Water and Sanitation Section, Survey Section, Regulation Section - Third floor: urban development department, construction department, conservation department, street department and public services - Fourth Floor: Department of Crafts and Industries, Department of Health and Environment, Department of Information Technology, Department Movement and machinery - Fifth floor: administrative relations department , cafeteria for workers - Sixth floor: Finance Department. • Distribution Plan of the Project : • Project Concept : The project was designed on the modern system, thus breaking the monotony of buildings prevailing in the project site and was designed to be in line with two main axes: - The first axis: The municipality building is an administrative building and administrative structure must achieve the strength and stability and magnitude, stability and rationality and the most geometric shapes that reflect all these things cube shape with stirring and elongation and addition resulted in the final aggregation of the project and to emphasize the sense of greatness, stability, stability and strength of the project was added a huge umbrella In the project interface. - The second pillar: The municipality building is a building for the people that is found to serve the people and the citizen. Therefore, they should feel comfortable, credible and transparent. The building should rest its visitors and break the monotony and strictness of the administrative buildings and avoid the tedious procedures that are taking place within it.