GIS التطور التاريخي العمرارني لمدينة نابلس و توسعها باتجاه الجبل الشمالي باستخدام برنامج

Abstract This Historical Urban Growth Towards The Northen Mountain In Nablus City Using GIS Prepared: Fatima kharaz Supervisord: Obaida Assida This study aims to follow the historical urban growth in Nablus city. In addition to the economical, political, social and demographic conditions. Which affects urban growth inside the city growth boarders across historical periods. In this study we choose northern mountain as a case study of so we used the historical approach as to follow the events that passed over the area to urban growth to study the study the urban growth within the historical events , analytical and descriptive approach characteristics of the community by field survey, interviews with experts related to this field in the governmental institutions and with individuals in Nablus. Besides, we used SPSS and GIS. The important results of this study related to the economic, social and political events with urban growth and construction pattern in the area. Where people moved to live in the area for two important reasons,the first economic reasons 49%the second Political reasons 19%,Individuals who moved to live in the area for economic reason in two periods 1995 - 2000 is %18, 2001- 2005 is 9 %. However, 80 % of the families who moved to live in the area because of its location, where 55 % of the families are from the old city, The spatial analysis results for aerial photography that construction built direction in the area is East_West, where construction is easy in the lowest areas, and the pattern of construction is very close, according to Moran’s analysis, its value is 2.58. and this study recommendation toThe need for expantion of the city structural plan proper plan of land uses before constructionse as to reach the construction arrange and the ability to provide individuals all the utilities.
rban growth, Historical development,spatial analysis, structural plan.