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Zaben, Khadeeja
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The biggest challenge for me as a designer in this project is to integrate ART and culture in the region, in a way that attracts the visitor and the beholder to the building from everywhere. From this point I started thinking about the appropriate location for the project, and I found it more appropriate in Nablus and specifically near Al-Najah University/new campus which enhances the role of the Museum beside the great educational edifice and also far away from the city center . This site which provides calm and good weather for the project. The most important thing to me is to create a new scene a different from the usual scenes that we see in the hills of Nablus which consists in tower blocks and square houses as cubes, this scene is a masterpiece that express their content and content to viewers everywhere overlooking the site. Shows the building as a work of art carved into the mountain and his lines extended from inside the mountain to be the museum building. Adopted within the project on three methods in the Museum Show the first external Show which is foreign in the arenas entrances which lead gradually to the main entrance of the permanent galleries ending with the temporary galleries in the back, And that's been spread over three floors linked together by an internal stairs allows freedom of movement between floors offer by inserting big emptiness inside exposed interior, and finishing with big skylight in the roof to allow natural lighting to enter inside the Museum. In the upper area of the project added a small cultural section contains teaching rooms and research centers and conferences, library, this came to highlight the interdependence between cultural artistic elements of the project, and uses different and separate entrances for each part to emphasize the job offered. In every part of the building was applying constant communication between inside and outside both through artistic or movement between parts by stairs and ramps and balconies overlooking the outdoor museum.