Women Empowerment Center

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Taqatqa, Mais
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The project is a center for the development of women and support for battered women, the fact that women are marginalized groups in society, and that The unfortunate reality we live in and what we hear from unfortunate stories are the victimization of women, the injustice of society to them, and the abandonment My parents have made me think of this project, which aims to create a world of women - its planet - in itself It carries out its day-to-day activities, provides support in all its forms - psychological, financial and other - and provides care For her children, he aims to integrate women into society and to integrate battered women who may lack self-confidence in women Others, and this integration, which may strengthen their self-confidence and make them more powerful in the face of their circumstances. Here, I mean, women who are subjected to violence do not harm others if they are integrated into society or other women There is no threat to their lives, unlike the security house that receives serious cases, so this can be said The project provides full support for women to transform them from marginalized to more powerful. Project Idea The idea started from the target group, the women who lost the house, which is a symbol of security and privacy. This was accomplished by separating the public and private spaces, opening up from inside and closing from outside, which helped to enhance privacy and create internal spaces in which to carry out their daily activities. The land with trees.