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Alawneh, Haneen
Dehelieh, Rawand
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In the development cycle in our project : At first we started by building a car that will go through the field and detect weeds using IBM Watson visual recognition API using camera at the front of the car that captures pictures of the field . Then we added a soil moisture sensor that can detect the moisture level in soil . Finally we added a pump that will spray only weeds with herbicide . Some parts of this project were made in different techniques before , like In some projects they got rid of weeds using a mechanical that will pick the weeds up and throw it away, but this project represents the spray method as it's more quickly and the car will be more stable. also in some projects they tend to detect weeds using image processing with openCV or only kill plants which are out the Page 6 flow of plants rows without checking the type of plants , but this project uses Visual recognition service introduced by an IBM api that combines machine learning and visual recognition to detect weed plants