Multi pay Irrigation System

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Mohammed Nazzal
Wajeeh Salem
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This project aims to solve issues related to irrigation in Palestine, to make irrigation more convenient and easy to maintain, its a good solution to use automatic irrigation system. Taking a deep look at the current systems available in the market most of them are expensive, and needs continuous support from the manufacturer, and the cheap solutions are not extendable for most cases. We aim to create a system that is locally distributed at low cost with higher reliability. The main features to offer is the ability to irrigate the farm with different modes, allowing the user to irrigate his farms individually, each with a different configuration, he can choose to irrigate automatically, everyday, or every few days, each farm with a different configuration, and it can handle the conflicts. the best way to offer a good interface is a mobile application, where the user can configure, and can give the user with some statistics that can be useful. The main approach to create a product that satisfies the user, is to take a deep look at the needs of a farmer on different levels and in all kind’s of agricultural applications, and taking the similarity of needs and implementation, which made the need of different modes, for example land crops, warm house crops, and plantation areas can use the system.