Fashionista Coding Game

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Duaa, Shami
Rula, Mikkawi
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Nowadays, Programming has become a highly useful skill that everyone need to learn. It improves problem solving skills and teaches creativity. Many projects target children and aim to improve their programming skills. Because of this, many companies start developing games that specialized in teach programming. However, there is still a problem with girls to be involved in programming field. Although there are some attempts to develop games that attract young girls. We also decided to be part of the changing process. Thus, we decided to take a unique path and develop Fashionista. Fashionista is a game designed for young girls at age (9 to 12) to help them learn the programming concepts. Girls can enjoy playing with Barbies in a virtual environment and learn coding at the same time. The game aims to teach girls how to think logically by solving several programming problems. The game consists of several levels that is collected together to express a Barbie story. Every level is designed carefully to teach a specific programming concept. During the game they need to use programming to control items. For example, they will be writing simple statements of code to choose Barbie dresses, the dress style, colors and many other details.