Innovation Techno Forum

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This research aims to highlight the general technology field current situation in Palestine, especially in West Bank, challenges regarding it and to propose areas of intervention that can help to deal with those challenges that faces youths in Palestine on one hand, On the other hand it illustrates the importance of education and training and work in the field of technology. The research displays whole project scenario in which can be described by analyzing every single part and chapters of the research as follows: The first chapter of this research will discuss the importance of education in a rapid technology change, the current education sector in Palestine, factors impacting it, and development plans regarding it. This research will present the importance of such project – technological academy- in the country of Palestine. The second chapter will discuss the term “Innovation techno forum”, the definition, the importance, elements and types, and the project functions, The third chapter will discuss and analyze international case studies. The fourth chapter will discuss project justifications, site selection and site analysis. The fifth chapter will provide the project program with the desired number of students, project elements, project functions and required areas, The fifth chapter will present the project proposal, with an overview summery, the concept and form evolution, 2d drawings, 3d diagrams and shots. The last chapter will contain the references that used to prepare this research.