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As we live in the digital era it’s important to have a direct way to interact between doctor and patient. Something makes booking appointments easier and quicker. A place to save medical info. Something to make communica tion easier. Our project is a mobile application and website that offers all these features and more for the outer clinics in the hospital. The application is for two types of users which are patients, and doctors. Patients can use this application to reach all outer clinics, display all doctors, and book ap pointments. They can find the best doctor with the highest rate in the clinic. Also, He can see the others’ reviews about appointments with this doctor. This application gives him the flexibility to cancel the appointment and book again. After the appointment, the patient can see his prescription through his account, and he can add his reviews and rate this appointment. When the patient logs in, the application will ask him questions to list his medical history. On the doctor’s side, he can easily reach his patients and see their information and their medical history. The doctor can make his schedule and select the available time for appointments. Also, in his profile, he can select his bill. In addition, he can display all the past and upcoming appointments with patients. For each past appointment, he can write the prescription. And for the upcoming, he can easily cancel them if he wants. If the doctor or the patient cancels the appointment after booking, an announcement will be sent to the other side and will be shown in his profile. The website is for two other types of users. The first one is the admin. The admin can view doctors, clinics, patients, labs, and appointments with all their data. He can also add a new clinic with its info. If a doctor signs up from the application, he will not be able to log in until the admin confirms his account. The admin also can see the summary of financials in the chart. The second user is the lab worker who can use the website to send medical tests to doctors.