Real Time Baby Monetor

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Qasim, Leen
Shlabi, Sawsan
Alian., Haya
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Having a baby monitor is a very important thing, because it allows parents to monitor their child all the time. So in this project, we created a real time baby monitor system so that parents can monitor their child and make him/her in front of their eyes and away from any danger. In this project, we implemented a real-time raspberry pi baby monitor based on Ad-Hoc technology. The monitor consists of raspberry pi , pi camera ,and microphone which attached at baby’s side. The camera starts recording a video in conjunction with the sound recording by the microphone , then this video will be sent from this raspberry pi to the second raspberry, which is located on parents side. Also ,we design a temperature monitoring system for baby’s room to send the reading of temperature to parents .In addition , we were able to light LEDs in the baby’s room by controlling it from parent side. The video and sensor reading will be displayed on the screen which connected with the second raspberry on parents' side. They also can be displayed on any web page of any device connected to the same network with the raspberry pi. Thus, parents can monitor their child and watch him/her all the time.