Women’s Knowledge And Associated Factor Regarding Pre-conception Care In Nablus and Tulkarm At Maternal And Child Health Care (MCH) Clinics‏

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Saja Khalaf
Renad Shtewi
Wi'am Kilani
Suzan Al Qaisi
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Introduction:Pre-conception care is the provision of biomedical, behavioral and social health interventions to women and couples before the occurrence of conception to improve their health status. It is important to reduce several risk behaviors and exposures that can affect fetal development and subsequent outcomes. aim of the study: Investigate women’s knowledge regarding pre-conception care and Identify association factors regarding pre-conception care on ministry of health clinics(MCH). Methodology: A quantitative descriptive design was used. A 201 women sample was collected from 2 cities in West Bank, conveniently chosen, and a self-structured and well designed questionnaire was used to collect data, which has 5 parts; demographic data, obstetric history, medical history, general knowledge about pre-conception care and knowledge about the contents of pre-conception care. Study is conducted inmaternal and child health care clinics (MCH)at the north of Palestine Including : Raas Al-Aain clinic, the Central Health clinic, Balata clinic and Tullkarm clinic. Results: The response rate was 87.7%, the results of our study showed that most women have a knowledge about pre-conception as a term (81.2%), but less percentage of them actually receive it (66.8%). Also, Doctors have more percentage (34.7%) in the source of this knowledge than midwives (23.4%).
Pre-conception care, Knowledge, Maternal and Child health clinics (MCH).