Smart parking

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Rafa Atya
Najat Sanoury
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          The Smart Parking System offers a simple and comprehensive solution to the problem of finding a convenient parking spot in large, multi-level parking garages.In an age where the adage time is money seems more applicable than ever before, this user-friendly and adaptable system will eliminate the time drivers are forced to waste as they circle various parking garage floors looking for the optimal spot.  The system itself consists of a user-interface at the entrance of the parking garage, which allows the driver to view all available parking spaces.  Although the system will recommend the spot it deems most favorable, the driver is free to view each floor and select any available spot.  Once a spot has been selected, a red LEDs built into the spots will guide the driver to their chosen destination.In addition, a ticket with directions will be printed that can be used upon return to the parking garage to guide the driver to their vehicle.