design and analysis of alhyat building

dc.contributor.advisorMahmud M.S. Dwaikat
dc.contributor.authorAmjad Janjreh
dc.contributor.authorMohamed Estati
dc.contributor.authorHusam Habaib
dc.description.abstractThis is project aims for the structural analysis and design of a residential building. The chosen building is a reinforced concrete structure that consists of 9 floors. Each floor has a surface area of 300 m2.  The building will be analyzed using primary principles of structural analysis first as one- and two-dimensional systems. If time permits, the project will be analyzed as a three-dimensional system using commercial finite element software. The elements of this structure, such as footings, columns, shear walls, beams, and slabs will be designed first using hand-calculation methods and then modeled by Revit structure and analyzed by Robot structural analysis professional as a finite element software. The results of the analysis and design will be shown in the report, and detailed shop drawings of each of the structural elements will be developed using AutoCAD and presented in the report. We expect at the end of this project to have gained more insight on the analysis and design of structures.   Al Hyatt building consists of a nine stories of reinforced concrete building, located in Nablus city. Each story has an area of 300 m2, five stories under the ground, and three above. The fifth basement height is 3.06 m, for water tanks and storage services, the forth basement is 2.86 m as garage, and the other seven stories is 3.38 height as a residential stories. In this project we made complete analysis for the building under static loads which studied the loads and stresses that the structural elements are subjected to the gravity loads.   en
dc.titledesign and analysis of alhyat buildingen
dc.typeGraduation Project
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