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Abu Soud, Sohaib
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Paltel HQ Building Location : Al-Academia Street – Rafidea – Nablus – Palestine The Concept 1) The company consists of three basic components (technology, customer, employee) 2) The concept of project how to create an interactive environment between the three components through realization all the necessary requirements in terms of safety , privacy and the satisfaction required for each component 3) Creating jobs that contribute to attracting local and international community (As a training center and high-tech recreational activities)to increase interactive on the building, which is reflected positively on the user from the three components by contribute in raising technical and technological awareness in society to adapt to the development and pursuit of global technology, which develops community awareness for the importance of technology and investment in this scope. 4) Using recessive horizontal lines to show a formation that suggests continuous growth which tune with main concept is the importance of the three basic components and the importance of Society component in this growth of this National edifice and its importance in growth of technology on local scale as a major Patel company companies invested in the field of technology at the level of the country and the world.