Palestinian Public Opinion Polls No. 11‎

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An-Najah National University/ Opinion Polls and Survey Studies Unit
There has been a revival of local, national and international diplomatic ‎activities since the ‎inauguration of Mahmoud Abbas as the President of ‎the Palestinian Authority to reactivate the ‎Palestinian – Israeli ‎negotiations. A summit was held at Sharm el-Sheikh in which Jordan ‎and Egypt ‎participated in addition to the Palestinian Authority, Israel ‎and the USA. Following this summit ‎there was the London conference ‎which basically aimed at offering political and financial support to ‎the ‎new Palestinian leadership.‎ Diplomatic activities aside, Israel still delays withdrawal from ‎Palestinian cities which had been ‎agreed upon at the Sharm el-Sheikh ‎Summit, confiscates more of the Palestinian lands, continues ‎to build the ‎separation wall and continues the killing of Palestinian people and the ‎incursions in ‎Palestinian cities and villages.‎ On the other side of the Palestinian scene, the Palestinian government ‎was formed after a long ‎debate; it is the first government to be formed ‎under the presidency of Mahmoud Abbas and the ‎first government the ‎majority of whose members are not members in the Legislative Council.‎ The Palestinian political arena still witnesses the consequences of the ‎first stage of the local ‎councils elections which were held in the West ‎Bank and the Gaza Strip. Hamas and the clan ‎coalitions reaped a good ‎number of the seats in these councils. Hamas had announced earlier that ‎‎it will participate in the coming legislative elections.‎