Integrated Re-design of the Ayesh Office Building in Ramallah/Al-Bireh

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Badran, Afnan
Jalghoum, Nada
Rabaya, Wala
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Palestine needs economic development; it does not have many modern buildings achieving the standards and goals for which it was designed. The primary goal of office buildings is to provide a special work environment that allows employees to do their tasks more easily and productively. This project takes the Ayesh office building in al-Bireh Ramallah, which was taken from Amjad al-Shuaibi engineering office, located in Ramallah. In this project, five aspects have been considered: architectural, structural, environmental, electro mechanical, and Quantity surveying & Cost Estimate. On the architectural side, the building design has been first reviewed based on the literature in terms of the functional distribution and standards for office building design. The objective of this review is to propose any necessary modifications or additions. On the environmental side, daylight, solar radiation availability, thermal comfort, and material properties have been investigated by using special simulation software (i.e., Revit, Dialux-Evo, and design-builder). For the structural aspect, a conceptual structural design (Footings, Tie beam and columns …etc.) with model checks and seismic checks has been provided, and for the electro-mechanical aspect that designs artificial light, power, HVAC, acoustical, drainage, water supply, and firefighting depending on a redesign and suitable to structural design, in addition, the total cost for such project has been approached aspect in this project to have an accurate cost for all works and activities in this project to be built. Finally, the building has been designed in all engineering respects in accordance with engineering standards in a manner appropriate to the nature of the project