Rehabilitation Center For Autistic Children

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Amer, Hanan
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The project is designed on the entire land of about 17,000 m2 to establish a small village for the rehabilitation of children of autism. The idea of the project is based on two main points in the design of rehabilitation centers for autistic children. The first point was to take into consideration the needs of autistic children according to the degree of autism and by age group by breaking the routine. The project was divided into 3 main sections by age, Diagnosis and early treatment include autistic children from the age of one to six years, the second section of 7-13 years, the last section of 14-18 years, and then the child can establish himself in the real world. The second point was in contact with nature, as it alleviates the symptoms of autism spectrum diseases. Studies have shown that 90% of children of autism suffer from a kind of sensory integration, that was particularly covered by the sensory garden and the glass houses (greenhouse). Each of the three rehabilitation departments has a management department (manager's room, secretary, meeting room, monitoring and evaluation department) treatment section with functional treatment rooms, music and art therapy rooms, white and black sensory rooms, study rooms for Sensory processing disorder, and glass greenhouse in the first section and the second allows children to grow and eat the food needed by the nutritionists at the center, opposes the greenhouse in the last section there are professional and sport workshops to professionally qualify children in a manner commensurate with their abilities. The first floor includes the diagnostic department, which includes a full staff of doctors and specialists, pediatricians, psychologists, special education specialists, speech and hearing therapists as well as nutritionists. On the second floor there is the administration department of the entire project.