Structural Analysis and Design of Rawabi Town Center Building

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Mo'men Na'el Alqub
Waseem Fouad Omari
Ahmad Ghassan Barham –
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Our project is the study of Rawabi Town Centre building Phase 06. The building consists of two blocks, and is mainly used for business meetings and recreation .It consists of 9 floors with a building plan area of 1840 𝑚2of multi-functional uses. This project has actually been built in Rawabi by AECOM Company and Ziadah engineering office. In this project only a single block will be considered. The building will be designed for earthquake and gravity loading , In phase one of the project only gravity loading ,conceptual and computer models (AutoCAD , Etabs) will be considered, then in phase two of the project lateral loading will be considered . Analysis and design checks will be made by hand. First, load will be taken from ASCE 07-16 Code. Then the structural system and type of slab will be selected. After that, super imposed loads will be calculated for each panel. Finally, the modeling of the building will be finished with an initial check for earthquakes loads.