Temperature dependent conduction in In2Se3 polycrystalline films

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AlsabeU, Ansam M.
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The current conduction mechanism in InR2RSeR3R thin films are explored by means of temperature dependent conductivity measurements in the temperature range of 50- 320 K. In the high temperature range (above 200 K), the current transport is found to be dominated by the thermionic emission of charge carriers over the grain boundaries through the polycrystalline films. The activation energy of electrons in this region is 65 meV. In the low temperature region, the current conduction is observed to be dominated by the variable range hopping of charged particles through the energy barriers. The hopping parameters presented by degree of disorder, density of localized states near the Fermi level, the average hopping range and energy are determined and was found to exhibit values of 1.98 K510× , 8.5 eV cm /10 321 −× , 11.95 A and 16.49 meV, respectively. The obtained values are promising as they indicate the applicability of the InR2RSeR3R films as memory cells of low scattering and high hopping rates.
hopping parameters , In2Se3 , density of localized states