Integrated Design of a Nablus Municipality

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Qino, Aya
Yameen, Aya
Azim, Hiba
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Municipality has always been an important part of every town, and city. Municipality is a magnificent stone to achieve citizen’s interests, and needs. For example, it provides the service requirements in maintaining and equipping roads, providing electricity and sanitation services, preparing public parks, opening health centers. The aim of this project is to prepare an integrated design, including: structural, environmental, and electromechanical aspects. The key in designing an integrated building is to take the best advantages of the local climate performing an accurate site analysis. In the Architectural and Environmental phase, the site location will be evaluated by gathering information and referring to the literature, in order to meet the recommendations that compatible with the standards. In the construction phase, the tasks that will be undertaken are ,distributing column, constructing a 3D model of building using ETABS software to ensure safety, ,stability, and serviceability of the structure. The model will consider seismic effects and dynamic loads. Other fundamental building systems, such as Elecrto-Mechanical, plumbing, HVAC, Artificial lighting and Acoustical, were designed in coordination with recommendations and standards Designing of Integrated Municipality encourages employees to produce more. Moreover it will be distinguished by further concentrating more on the architectural-environmental aspect of the design. The project will conclude by a report of all design detail and drawings.