Renewable Energy and Environment Research Center

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Maaly, Nidal
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Renewable Energy Research Center Academy year 2017 Student name Nedal Nabeel Nayef Abdulrahman Supervisor: Eman Al-A'mad Architecture department Concept sheet Redefine the terminology of research center to be a creative space with a motivate view and to share the result and process with common people View and direction The building was directed to the southwestern façade as much as possible to provide shading to the building without blocking the view. In addition, the direction of the building allows for a greater solar brightness. It also serves the expansion plan if the building contains wind energy part in the future. Sloping ceilings The slanted roof is used to allow maximum exposure to the sun at an angle of 20, which is close to the required angle of 28, but to be suitable for use Open spaces design The open and outdoor spaces were exploited so that green areas improve the quality of the place or it will be covered by solar panels. Functional Separation Work on the separation of the function by separating the entrances and exits of laboratories and workshops and the public zone, each of which has its own courtyard area and activities