Urban Sprawl in the Shade of Urbanization and planning Legislations: Case Study of Um Al-Sharayet District, Al-Bireh City / Palestine

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الأعرج, هند باسل محمد
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An-Najah National University
Urban transformation of the Palestinian cities is a consequence of urban sprawl which is created by urbanization and the cumulative statuary laws since Ottoman period until Palestinian Authority period which led to expand cities and create irregular and fragmented forms as well as shortage in lands, especially agricultural land, where urban sprawl affected directly the agricultural land availability and land values. This thesis aims to explore the relationship between urbanization and statutory laws in creating urban sprawl as a process, and the risk of this random expansion on the Palestinian lands and the consequences of urban sprawl, and investigate the conditions as well as obstacles facing the Palestinian planning process, in addition to analyze and interpret the process of urban transformation change of the Palestinian cities “the case study of Um Al-Sharayet District”. The thesis methodological approach is deductive, descriptive, analytical, and historical based on data collection and case study where quantitative and qualitative methods are used. This thesis concludes, that urban sprawl is caused by the rapid uncontrolled urbanization and lack of community awareness and the lack of building control due to organizational weakness, in addition to deficiency and shortages in urban planning laws, where the current statuary planning laws don’t respond to current challenges. For the sake of the urgent need for land and the strong ideology between land and Palestinians, the thesis recommend producing new mechanisms to protect the agricultural lands, and to upgrade their values to enhance the agricultural economic sector, and producing new sustainable urban planning strategy by considering the social, economic, physical, environmental and administrative pillars to have a healthy urban development, in addition to empowering master plans and detailed plans which have to be updated, and spreading public awareness, which all would pour in the basin of Palestinian community and national benefit.