Health Band

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Mohammad Diab
Bashar Jodeh
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Nowadays, scientists are developing new technologies to help humans in their life. At the beginning, they started developing the smallest possible computer, and then they started developing smart phones, and now they are developing a new generation of smart watches.Our idea is called Health Band, it consists of a tape that is connected around the hand with LCD screen, microcontroller and some electronic sensors.The health band will provide many advantages especially for athletes and patients, it will help them to show their body temperature, heart rate, their walking/running speed, calories that they lost while walking, the distance they covered, current time and date.This band will be connected to a mobile application via Bluetooth, this application will help the user to get reports daily about his health, and it will help him to be more connected to his doctor, also this app will provide some data to the microcontroller about the user status such as location, walking/running speed and number of calories he lost.The aim of this project is to help patients especially children and the elderly to be more connected with their doctors and to help the athletes to be more connected with their supervisors.The technologies that we will use: Hardwareo Arduino chip used as microcontroller.o Pulse sensor to measure the heart rate.o Temperature sensor to measure the body temperature.o LCD screen to show information to the user.o Electronic Parts: Resisters, wires, boards and a battery. Softwareo Windows Phone SDK for mobiles application. Future work:o Add ability to health band to measure the blood pressure.o Add touch screen.o Add expert system.