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دميري, عرين
هواش, سما
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The idea of our project revolves around making a marketing plan for a 970ps company, where we addressed important topics and used many tools, where the site was analyzed, results were seen, recommendations and improvements were made, and a complete marketing plan was written. The company 970ps is a company that sells modern clothes with a Palestinian character that distinguishes it from its competitors, and it is located in Ramallah, and through the questions that we have asked the company, it was found that there is no special department or special person managing their e-marketing and thus they may lose a great competitive advantage in the market And because they sell clothes, they need content and images for their marketing process, whether on their website or on social media platforms, so we have suggested that we analyze their site in terms of e-marketing and see what weaknesses and strengths they have to be acquired and work on, and improved over time. During the analysis, we analyzed the site in terms of security, SEO and its performance, and the interface of the site, design, speed and shrinkage. We chose the Facebook and Instagram platform from the social media platforms they have, during the results there were many problems in each of them, and we worked to develop solutions to them through Recommendations and improvements, and we have worked on an integrated marketing plan, whether to improve their website or to improve their presence on social media, and after presenting all of the results and reasons that lead to reducing their presence or not having many users reach them, and developing improvements to them, we have made a comparison. Between past results and current results.