Battery Charge Regulator for a photovoltaic power system using microcontroller

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Raed Wael Ennab
Raja Saed Anabtawi
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           Since the beginning of the oil crises, which remarkably influenced power development programs all over the world, massive technological and research efforts are being concentrated in the field of renewable energy resources. In the solar sector for electricity generation, greater attention is being given to photovoltaic conversion.  Photovoltaic energy, solar generators are the only systems which directly convert sunlight into electric power.            In this project we use the solar energy to supply use with the needed voltage and current, so we charged a lead acid battery 12V, 7AH. And to supply a low DC load. We used the PIC to make to decision where the voltage and current go before.  The PV panel we used was manufactured by ARCO it was amorphous 25 cells connected in series and we built PWM charge regulator that send pulses to get an idea about the voltage of the battery.  This project is helpful for both the environment and the consumer, It saves us money and no pollution.  Also, this project incorporated both of our specialties in Electrical Engineering: power and circuitry.  This project can be used in many places like the factories and buildings, cars and many vehicles