3-D Dynamic Structural Design For Mecca Commercial Building

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Samir Mizyed
Osama Qashou
Osama Masarweh
Muhammed Jarrar
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This project mainly is a structural analysis and design of Mecca Commercial Building building which lies in Sufian street. The building consists of nine floors and will be used primarily as offices and commercial stores. The design will be accomplished according to the ACI-318-08 code, and the structural analysis program SAP2000 14 will be used for the analysis and design. Moreover, hand calculations will be a verification and preliminary design tool. The project will include a detailed design of all structural elements in the building such as slabs, beams, columns and footings. Furthermore, it will include a 3D-designed model for the whole building and a dynamic analysis will be done in order to study the behavior under earthquake. Since we assumed that the foundation was rigid when we designed the building and that the building was rigid when we designed the foundation we will also perform a soil structure interaction study to explain the results we got.    The importance of the project resides in the difficulty of connecting stories of different uses. A project may have what is considered a good design and yet problems will arise when attempting to connect it with the other stories. We aim to solve this problem by starting with the form first and then the function (if time permits).