Design and Fabricate Windmill water pump

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Akram Yasin
Anas Abu Radi
Hani Qawariq
Motaz Modallal
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-               The aim of this project is to design and fabricate a windmill water pump to be used in pumping water from water wells located in remote area where no electricity ; the mill will use wind energy as a source power . This will enable farmers in such areas to irrigate theirs fields in an efficient way using renewable free energy .Of course on the long run, such a solution will have positive impact on the local economy and the environment.        On the other hand, this project is considered a very good practical exercise for the project team as they will practice in reality mechanical design and implement different manufacturing processes to build the windmill water pump, make sure that it works properly, and conduct proper experiments to relate water head with wind speed.        The following methodology is proposed to implement this project: -          Conduct sufficient literature review about wind energy, windmills, water pumping, wind speed in Palestine, and windmill water pumps. -          Design the system; make the necessary kinematics, load and stress analysis, and prepare all necessary work drawing and planes by using suitable CAD software. -          Build/fabricate the designed system. -          Operate, calibrate and test the system (the windmill water pump). -          Install the system in a properly selected agriculture area and have it operate properly under actual operating conditions. -             Conduct proper experiments to relate water head with wind speed for this windmill and compare the results with what was estimated during the design stage. -          Prepare proper operating manual annexed with properly written experiment handout; sample results and analysis have also to be include. -          Prepare project report that documents the complete experience.   The main output of the project is a properly operating windmill water pump that works in actual operation conditions.