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Abu Hantash, Sundus
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Graduation Project: Media Production Center - Nablus City (Bayt wazen along An Najah University Street) The center consists of four basic spaces : Radio and video studios, public studios, training center, office tower. The studios - visual and audiovisual - are equipped and designed in different sizes (small, medium, large), each of which has specific programs to be filmed inside. The office tower consists of 20 floors, 15 floors of which contains a small studio with all its equipment. Secondary Spaces: Services, Mechanical Room, Electric Room, Restaurant, Library, Electronic Server. The building consists of two wings, including a space covered by a shell extending from the top of the tower. I called it the new media gate for its distinctive and attractive form, and the entrance from the southern side of the project enables the visitor to see the entire project from the outside before entering it. The center has 80 external parking spaces for visitors, shipping stands, a small building for external photography and its equipment, Under the ground there are 3 floors of internal parking for workers inside the media center. The center also contains an internal plaza between the two blocks covered with glass shell of a special type heat-insulated ventilation in which the majority of the mechanical and cross ventilation openings naturally. As for the outer plaza , the gardens are designed to contain two sessions that are used for external photography.