Sleep Quality Among Nursing Students in An-Najah National University

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Loay Arbas
Hasan Tahan
Sewar Masarwi
Nidal Al-ashqar
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Introduction: Lack of sleep affecting every aspects of human life. Sleep is an essential and necessary part of our daily lives, and therefore the sleep disorder causing us serious concern and a feeling discomfort, in order to have good health, we must have a healthy sleep. Poor sleep quality affect nursing performance in which error is unforgivable in their job. Aim: This study aims to determine the sleep quality of the nursing students at An-Najah National University, and the factors affecting the quality of sleep. Method: Quantitative study, cross sectional design used, convenience sampling method is used in select the study participants, we used (PSQI) questionnaire and it was distributed to 466 nursing students at An-Najah National University. Results: the result of the study indicates that students at the sleep quality among nursing students in an Najah national university was quiet poor, 87.6% of students reported that suffer from poor sleep quality. While only 12.4% had a fairly good sleep quality, In addition, there is a relationship between sleep quality and other factors affecting it in this study: social media, stress, music and energy drinks. Conclusion: Through what has been studied in this research show that sleep quality among nursing students at An-Najah University is low ,and associated with factors that included in the study, this confirms the close relationship between some of the factors that affecting the life and quality of sleep among nursing students.