Furniture Complex

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Ghazal, Iyad
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While Nablus is being considered as the economical capital of Palestine , and as the furniture industry with its deferent kinds is spreading out al over the city making the rapid increase of furniture exporting . The project aims to create an incubator environment for various types of furniture industries in the city and organize them under one roof in order to increase productivity and efficiency in exploiting the available resources and for the purpose of creating the best environment to optimize this industry . So the project will contain most of the stages that the furniture passes through before and during the production process, including: Places for trucks, reception and storage of raw materials, through carpentry, wood and paint works, upholstery and fabrics, huge halls for display and sale, an academic part of the design of furniture and teaching its design and industry (theoretical and technical ) ,In addition to a part for offices to manage this huge complex of accountants, sales representatives and ... etc. Finally, this project which covers an area of 27,000 square meters, fulfills three main needs: education, production and display, creating a healthy and practical environment for its various users (visitors, workers and students). Taking in consideration sustainability and reducing the environmental impact on neighboring areas to serve as a model for leadership and sustainability in function and design.